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Our Leopard Bashkir Curly Stallions

Here at Promise Land Curly Ranch we carry the Damale/Mead/Ashikhik lineages include some of our favorite foundation curlies.  We are currently standing 2 studs. MCH War Chief, son of our beloved Mead's Dakotah Deauce and Dakotah Soldier grandson of Deauce. 


Name: *MCH War Chief

  • SEX: Stallion
  • NACHR #344-D
  • ABCR #4325
  • SIRE: Mead's Dakotah Deauce ABCR #2387
  • DAM: MCH Ladessa NACHR # 345-S
  • HEIGHT: 14.3HH
  • BORN: 05-21-2003
  • PLACE: Tolna ND
  • CURLTYPE: medium curl with spiral mane and tail
  • CURL GENE:  KRT25 +/-
  • PEDIGREE: Damale Aishihik
  • BREEDER: Joseph L. Mead
  • COLOR: Leopard w/Black spots


Chief is a beautiful Leopard with a gentle willing attitude.  He keeps his long spiral mane and tail year round.  Chief has a natural desire to work cattle as well as bond with his humans. 

MCH War Chief
Born 2003
ABCR# 4325
NACHR# 344-D

*Mead's Dakotah Deauce, ABC 2387 *Big Bucks, ABC 1886 *The Yellow Hornet, ABC 878
*Gold Streak Sunny, ABC 195
White Dove, ABC S-203 Nevada Red, AHC 18123 (Arab)
*The Bill Mare, ABC 337
MCH Ladessa* ABC 4324 MCH Ernie* ABC 2246 *The Yellow Hornet, ABC 878
*Gold Streak Sunny, ABC 195
MCH RANGER BRED NACHR242S* Yellow Jacket* ABC 522(f)
Damele Mare



Name: *Dakotah Soldier

  • SEX: Stallion
  • NACHR #2471-D
  • SIRE: MCH War Chief NACHR# 344-D ABCR# 4325
  • DAM: DOS NACHR# 2422-D
  • HEIGHT: 15HH
  • BORN: 05-2019
  • PLACE: Cresbard,ND
  • CURL TYPE: tight ringlets
  • CURL GENE: KRT25 +/+
  • PEDIGREE: Damale Aishihik
  • COLOR: Leopard w/ Black & Brown spots
Dakotah Soldier is a sweet boy just begining his training and seems very willing and eager to learn.  He gives 110%.  Soldier is a sensitive boy and easily moved.  He had his first breeding in  2022.  He was very gentle and patient like his grandfather and easily handled and moved away from the mare.  Soldier is KRT25 +/+ meaning he is homozygous for curl.  Both these boys have great temperaments, beautiful conformation and a nice easy height at about 14.2HH and beautiful movement.

Dakotah Soldier
Born 2019
NACHR # 2471-D

*MCH War Chief ABC4325 *Mead's Dakotah Deauce, ABC 2387 *Big Bucks, ABC 1886
White Dove, ABC S-203
MCH Ladessa* ABC 4324 MCH Ernie* ABC 2246
Dos, ICHO/ NACHR # 2422 MCH Lil Bucks* ABC 3292 *The Yellow Hornet, ABC 878
*Gold Streak Sunny, ABC 195
Windigo Con ABC S-430 Joes Birthday Colt* ABC 798(f)
Von's Sun Rose ABC S-212

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