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Curly Horses Offered For Sale

Currently we have the following Curly Horses for sale. Please contact us for more information.

Check out (and like!) our facebook page for ongoing progress, pictures and videos.


Name: Whiskey's Irish Cream (aka Kahlua)
Gender: Filly
Born: June 2023
Color: Bucksin or Grulla w/ Blanket
Curl Type: untested extreme type,  suspected KRT+/+
Size: 14. +hh
Temperament: Undetermined
Sire: *MCH War Chief, ABCR 4325/NACHR#344
Dam: *Whiskey (DSF Jill) ABCR PB 793 3/4

Interested in this lovely Filly? Contact Bret & DeAnna


Kahlua is an energetic very curious filly.  She has been haltered and stands for her feet to be picked up.  She is ready to learn.

Name: *LiL Dove
Gender: Mare
Born: 2021
Color: Grulla w/ Spots
Curl Type: Very Curly, spiral mane and tail
Size: 14-14.2h
Temperament: Curious, Willing, Calm
Sire: *MCH War Chief, ABCR 4325/NACHR#344
Dam: LiL Bittersweet, ABCR #PB814-S 3/4
Price: Inquire

Interested in this lovely filly? Contact Bret & DeAnna


Dove is ready to begin ground training but will have 2 more years before we do any training under saddle.  I have no doubts this girl will be eager to please and a willing partner.  She loves people and a good rub including her ears.  She has confidence with exceptional intelligence.  I have no doubts this one will happily excel at anything she does.    



Name: J Buck
Gender: Gelding
Born: 2018
Color: Buttermilk Buckskin w/ Spots
Curl Type: Straight
Size: 14.2h
Temperament: Willing, Confident , Curious
Sire: Rocky J
Dam: My Girl Maui
Price: SOLD!

Interested in this lovely gelding? Contact Bret & DeAnna


J-Buck is a very inquisitive energetic boy!  He loves to play but also snuggle.  He has 2 months professional training and several trail rides down.  He does require some help getting focused.  Spending some pre ride round penning or lunging will go a long ways with this boy.   As all good horsemen know this is just another step in building good leadership/relationship with your horse.    Evaluating your horses attitude before any activity is always a good practice to help ensure a safe enjoyable experience for you and your horse.  So don't let that important step deter you from considering this boy if you have the experience because he has a lot to offer!  He rides very well and is willing to go anywhere asked.  He seems to enjoy water even up to his chest!  J-Buck was started with shooting desensitization and did well but will require more training if that is the direction you would like to take him.  Like his sire this guy has a naturally quick pace but responds well.  He is an absolute lover!  I think he would excel at competitive events.
Appy Spots - 2021 J Buck as a foal      

Name: PLCR Rocky J
Gender: Gelding - GAITED!
Born: 2012
Color: Bay
Curl Type: Straight
Size: 14h
Temperament: Calm, Confident, Very Gentle, Very Willing
Sire: *Mead's Dakotah Deauce, ABC 2387
Dam: *Tuesday J, ABCR 3880
Price: SOLD!

Interested in Rocky? Contact Bret & DeAnna

Rocky J is about as calm and sweet as they come!  He has had 4 months professional training.  Rocky is gaited.  He has a naturally quick pace and is a smooth ride!  This boy has been changing color and spots on us the last several years, a characteristic of his Appy heritage.  This little guy will happily handle just about anything including children and ropes swinging around and overhead.  He has so much to offer.  I hope he never leaves because he is such a sweet treasure so much like his sire Deauce.



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