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Curly Horses Offered For Sale

Currently we have the following Curly Horses for sale. Please contact us for more information.

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New Listing!

Name: PLCR Dakotah's Midnight Moon
Gender: Filly
Born: 2018
Color: Smoky Black w/ Appy Blanket
Curl Type: Curly
Temperament Score: 43(1 very calm - 10 highly spirited)
Sire: *Mead's Dakotah Deauce ABCR 2387
Dam: *Prairie Hawk Cypress Mist ABCR 4268
Price: $9,000

Interested in this lovely filly? Contact Bret & DeAnna


She is not yet registered but can be registered ABC Full Curly, ICHO, Curly Stockhorse. She will have completed 3 months professional training come August 1.  See a story of Hope on the about us page. A vet check is recommended.  While Moon has been checked out by our vet and is 100% sound , I recommend for your peace of mind you have a pre purchase vet check done. Moon is so gentle and sweet she will make anyone a trusty forever partner.


Name: J Buck
Gender: Gelding
Born: 2018
Color: Buckskin w/ Spots
Curl Type: Straight
Size: 15.1h estimated at maturity
Temperament Score: 4 (1 very calm - 10 highly spirited)
Sire: Rocky J
Dam: My Girl Maui
Price: $2,500

Interested in this lovely gelding? Contact Bret & DeAnna


He has completed 2 months of training where he excelled!  Including a brief start at mounted shooting.  He has a faster pace like Rocky-J and can turn on a dime.  He also likes water.
Appy Spots - 2021 J Buck as a foal      

Name: PLCR Rocky J
Gender: Gelding
Born: 2012
Color: Bay
Curl Type: Straight
Size: 14.2h
Temperament Score: 6 (1 very calm - 10 highly spirited)
Sire: *Mead's Dakotah Deauce, ABC 2387
Dam: *Tuesday J, ABCR 3880
Price: $2,500

Interested in Rocky? Contact Bret & DeAnna

This guy is Tuesday J's last foal and he is a grandson of Dan J ABC #70f and great grandson of Peter J ABC #1f, sired by Mead's Dakotah Deauce  who is absolutely amazing.  He has developed a unique pattern of dark spots under his bay coat and many white flecks in there as well, he is a beautiful horse both looks and temperament very level and calm and easy to handle just like his old man.  He halters, leads, loads and stands for the farrier. Rocky has finished his training and is now gelded. He has a pretty fast smooth walk and I still think he is gaited but that would require someone who knows more than I to confirm.

(2019) Our daughter took him out for the first time since he had his training and he was absolutely awesome, responded very well and was very willing.

June 2021 Update! Rocky has completed a 1 month refresher training.  He is gaited, I believe the Indian Shuffle, it is an awesome smooth ride!  And he is a very steady mount.  He is a mover though, he has a fast pace even when walking and he loves to gait!



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