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Our Mares

We own four (4) American Bashkir Curly Mares. We are very proud and pleased to own them and have them as part of our herd.

Our NEW Addition! 2021  

Name: *DSF Jill (aka Whiskey), ABCR # PB 793 3/4
Born: 2016
Color: Grulla Tobiano
Size: 14.2h
Sire: *DSF Dreamcatcher Hawk, ABC 3972
Dam: *DSF Ally Verra, ABC PB 670 1/2


Whiskey as we call her is an energetic curious and calm young lady.  An extreme painted beauty.  She exhibits a desire to please and curiosity.  Eventually Whiskey will be bred to Deauce but not quite yet she will finish her training and growing first.  We expect there will be great foals from her as well as many fun rides.

Name: *Splenda
Born: 2002
Color: Palomino
Size: 15.2h
Sire: *Mellow
Dam: Wild Caught Mustang Mare

Photos Courtesy of Bit-O-Wy


Splenda is a quiet girl always looking for a treat. Steady and strong she will make a great partner. Comes from Bit-O-Wy sired by their Beautiful wild caught American Bashkir Curly Stallion "Bit-O-Wy Mellow" and out of their wild caught mustang mare.  Born 2002, with her we expect to add even more can do, size and beauty to our herd.
Update 2021: Splenda is bred to Deauce for a August 2021 foal.


Name: *My Girl Maui
Born: 2004
Color: Pinto
Size: 14.2h
Sire: BNC Skeet ABC# 2610
Dam: Belgian mare


This is My Girl Maui or as we call her Girl.  She is very sensitive but a strong willed girl, she likes to think she is the boss.  With a trusting relationship she will go with you anywhere.  She is about 14.2hh thick and strong.  She is 1/2 American Bashkir Curly 1/2 Belgian draft. Girl was one of our first horses.  We got her as a foal and has taught us soo much over the years. 
** Update 2021: Girl is bred to Deauce for a July 2021 foal.


Name: *Prairie Hawk Cypress Mist, ABC 4268
Born: 5/15/2006
Color: Black
Size: 15.3h
Sire: *Hawk's Midnight Shadow, ABC 2300
Dam: *WCC Rose, ABC 1722

Misty is a very sweet girl and big! She is an extreme and very very curly.  She was purchased from Prairie Ponderosa and came to PLCR in October of 2009.  We are very excited to breed her to Deauce and see the results, we expect it to be nothing short of our idea of a perfect curly.  Misty is my horse and I bought her from a picture of her as a foal.We purchased her because we wanted to incorporate her bloodlines into our program and felt she would be an excellent match for Deauce. We feel very fortunate to have such a fine mare in our herd after buying her sight-unseen. She is a treasure.



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